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Trevor and Holly Chant

Bite Me Bait and Tackle was purchased in April 2017 by Trevor and Holly Chant of Nestor Falls.  Trevor is originally from England and made his way to Canada on a back-packing trip, and never left!  He has been in Canada for 22 years now.  Holly was born and raised in Nestor Falls and is a true local.   Trevor has been fishing and hunting for most of his life and is extremely knowledgeable on both.  Holly enjoys fishing but isn’t much of a hunter.   

Our retail store is open from May 15 to October 15.  We provide various kinds of bait including minnows, leeches, worms, shiners and ciscos.  Bait can be pre-ordered and delivered if you are going on a fly-in fishing trip.  If you’re looking for a guide for your trip, we also offer guide services.  We offer many different kinds of tackle from the leading brands including Shimano, Rappala, Northland, and Buzz Bomb.  There are also sport items in the store such as tackle boxes, fish cookers, frying pans, maps, clothing, and sunglasses.  We provide great customer service and a very welcoming atmosphere.  We look forward to seeing you!